Hindi/Urdu Interpreter in US embassy for visit visa ?

afternoon everyone!

i want to ask you guys about my friend's mum and dad,

my friend's mum&dad going to apply for US visit visa but thy are worried about interview because his mum and dad can't speak any other language then Hindi/Urdu,

so my question is, are they provide any Hindi/Urdu interpreter while interview ? 
please help guys, if anyone of you got any information please share, my friend already phoned US embassy but unfortunately help line doesn't know anything about this.

i'm waiting for you reply guys.
have a nice evening.

They will provide them Urdu interpreter.because my sister went u.s embacy and they provided her Urdu interpreter for interview. Important thing is this be confident about any question during of luck for them.Allah inshallah do their work

no sir !
unfortunately they dont have and they didn't provide any Interpreter, visa officers only speak arabic and english that's it. (Riyadh US embassy)

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