Exit visa without iqama

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My wife & son are going on final exit to India, however in the month of July 2016 I have brought my new born son to Jeddah on an entry Visa to be added as a resident but before I could get the iqama my company gave termination notice, hence I have to send my family back to India on final exit.

Please dear members tell me the procedure to get the exit visa for my newborn son who has not been issued an Iqama yet.

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Hey friend u find a solution to the problem?
I have same issue

hi everyone..I just wanna ask if is there aproblem in immigration if im going to exit without iqama?

Pls advise I have same problem !!!!

Today May 15 2018 i processed my 11 month old kid an Final exit visa i would like to share with you guys how will you do it because it will took you the whole day if you will not have an idea what to do and to process before going there (having accompanied by a Suadi friend is a plus believe me) make sure that your kid
Is lower than 1 year old because you will have a penalty of 1000sr

First the important things to bring

1. Birth certificate original and Photo copy
2. 2 pcs passport copy size Photo of your kid
3. Eqama copy of you and your wife
4. from your kafeel or sponsor company
    Your company will issue a form that is already
    Filled with the data of your kid with stamp of
    Of approval
Remember bring this paper and prior it

5. Appointment make sure that you have an appointment you will waste your time going there without an appointment

6. Absher account
7. Passport of your kid

Ok now i will explain you how and what to do..

First consult your company and ask them how much will you pay for the Levy

And ask them the form i mentioned with the list
They will fill it up for you and they will attach 1 photo of your kid

After that go to the bank you are registered and pay the said amount remember to save the receipt

Now gather all the requirements i mentioned and photo copy it set 1 set of photo copy along with the form i mentioned with a picture attached on it

And you're set to visit jawazat according to your appointment

If you need an urgent appointment bring all the
Documents make sure its complete
In front of jawazat GATE 2 there a office there
That can make an schedule for you on the same day just ask the counter and he will give you an appointment and pay him 10sr

Go inside the Jawazat Building number 2
"jawazat e-service building" there is no number
It's first come first serve

Hand him the documents and tell him its for final EXIT without Eqama
Then show him the receipt of the payment you payed on the bank he will ask you to hand over the original birth certificate and passport and that's it

2nd go to the other side counter where
A person is making the eqama
He will not give you an eqama for your kid only
The number remember to mention its for EXIT VISA
he will ask you again the original birth certificate passport and a Picture

After he input it remember to ask the eqama number of your kid

Then he will tell you to check your absher account and you will see that your kid is under your eqama already

On your absher account you will go to the e service and find the dependent section and
There you will see your kid eqama and on the bottom you will find issue Visa and final exit visa
And that's it press the Final exit visa and
You will have your kid's exit visa on Jawazat system
And also it will register on your absher account
Visa is Free...

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