Anyone thinking of building in Samoa?

Talofa, I'm thinking about building hurricane proof homes in Samoa anyone interested in building a home? I'm hoping to build a show home and shop in Tiavi then build other homes for people from there. Also shops, storage facilities etc. They will be metal and or brick and various designs are available.

Hi Idreamofspain,

Your post is not clear enough.
Are you working for a construction company?

Thank you for your feedback,


Gosh ok sorry. No, I'm not working for a construction company. I'm looking for business opportunities in Samoa including building container homes with an architect, so not cheap nasty ones that rust and the strength is compromised. Let me know if anyone out there is interested in building any structures. We may incorporate concrete blocks as well. We will also build little shops that can be locked up anything that can be lock up and leave.

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