Hai  now a days peoples says that to bring the medicine and tablets are banned in KSA.

Please let me know clear for my kids and family I am plan to bring some regular fever and cough tablets.  This is allows or not



Over the counter medicines are fine. For any prescription medicines, it is better to have a doctor's prescription to show if asked.  Bringing regular medicines is not banned.

Thank you for your reply brother.  I am plan to bring some medicine for fever and cough only.  But no prescription. Is it allows

No problem with fever and cough medicines but why do you want to bring them?? There are  plenty of pharmacies locally where you can buy these.

No problem with the regular medicines.

Be careful and check before taking anything that could cause issues into Saudi.
Things that are over the counter in many countries could land you in prison is Saudi. … IST_CD.pdf

This list should be used to give you an idea, but it's far easier not to take any medicines with you at all.

Over the counter in one country could be in prison in Saudi.

Any medicine you wish entered Saudi Arabia for private use must be free of any narcotic substance or substances alcoholic influenced by the user and inspecting the awareness and understanding of foreclosed entered and possible to find an alternative in Saudi Arabia for I provided a doctor's prescription

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