Want to speak Vietnamese in a short time? Call me maybe!

Hi guys,

I am Duong, I am a native-speaker of Vietnamese with Hanoi accent who has been studying, teaching, and doing research on Vietnamese language and linguistics for 15 years. My IELTS score is 8.

I have just finished my PhD at The University of Queensland (Australia) and was conferred the doctoral degree in Linguistics and Language Teaching. As an experienced Vietnamese teacher, I am providing Vietnamese lessons to foreigners at any levels with reasonable price and high effect around Hanoi area. I have many students from various nationalities.

Especially, I am happy to come to your place to teach and arrange the time that is suitable with you. If the class has more than 2 students, the cost will be lower.

My slogan is: "Vietnamese is always enjoyable". So, do not hesitate to contact me if you need aenything. Let's learn and experience Vietnamese language and culture together!

My phone number is: xxx



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This looks like the real thing and not just someone who hopes to link up in a coffee shop to exchange an hour of Vietnamese for an hour of English.  I am pretty sure that the moderators are going to take out the contact info but I hope the thread is not locked so that people can contact this individual by PM and even report back on the quality of the lessons.

The coffee shop situation works well for those locals that can't afford to pay to go to a centre or have private lessons. Not everyone is in the same situation so I feel the exchange of language is still a good idea for some, not all.

Hi everyone,

@ THIGV, Unfortunately, we will have to close the thread. Normally, we remove them as soon as they are posted since we have too many such postings. There are several ads similar to this one in the Language classes in Hanoi section. It will be unfair to leave this post on the forum considering other posters have their ads in the classifieds.

" .... and even report back on the quality of the lessons." It has been suggested that we have one single thread on the forum to gather all posters looking for language classes and those proposing one. We are looking forward to implementing the idea, however there are around 16 - 17 sub destinations on the Vietnam forum and we have not yet figured out  if a thread should be assigned to each of these forums.

So, Duong, sorry but you will have drop an advert in the Hanoi classifieds under the language classes section.  Interested members will contact you.

All the best,

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