Advice on living in Mexico City!

Hi All :)

I am looking into Mexico City and very very seriously considering it but need some advice on cost of living.

I am looking to rent a room and would like not to spend more that $180 per month is that possible? But in a safe area.

I can cook so wondering how much groceries on average cost? So in general how many $ would you need to live on per month?

Is Mexico City a safe place to live in general?

Gracias Amigo's 🇲🇽 🇲🇽

Personally I find mexico city a super safe place to live.been here 7 years and to be honest I don't think I have even seen two guys having a fight nevermind any other trouble. Of course come with the right attitude and don't be offended by people staring at you a little, they really don't mean it aggresively.
I think you would be fine in your budget for a room but definitely only a room, you won't get your own place in a nice area for that. The usual places for expats are your areas such as condesa, polanco or reforma but if they seem pricey look into places outside the central areas such as lomas verdes.
I personally find eating street good cheaper than going shopping but it will take your stomach a while to get used to it. However one week's shopping for you alone shouldn't cost more than about 600 pesos more or less ( what's thatin dollars these days) about 30 I guess. Public transport is cheap and safe and don't be afraid of using it no matter what the scared of mexicans brigade tell you.
Great city to live in,don't be afraid to explore and interract
Good luck

Thank you buddy for all the information :) how long did it take you Learn Spanish? Also $180 for a room, will that be in a safe area? Where is the best place to look for rooms?

You're welcome mate.
It took me about two years to be conversational and another two to be fluent, but to be fair I have never taken a class or looked at a book in Spanish in my life, I just picked it up on the street so to speak. But I did know people here when I got here, if you're on your own with absolutely no Spanish it can be hard but then depends how confident you are and how willing you are to intergrate. In nice areas most mexicans will speak at least some English.
I think 180 for a room will be enough in a good area, that's like 3600 pesos, a nice house you are looking at anything from 8,000 to 15,000 so I would imagine that's enough for a room in a good area. Although I've never had to do it or look so hopefully someone else can jump in and help me out.
I think there's plenty of websites out there. I think is one.
Translation share an apartment in mexico so should have something.
Failing that, vivaanuncios. Not sure bud


Thanks buddy yep have very little Spanish and coming alone but best way to jump in the deep end 🙈!! What do you do out there if you don't mind me asking mate? Had a job interview with a company there today. Is there allot of us brits out there?

And I bet eating street food everyday is brilliant and like you say cheaper! I can image it takes a while to get used to as I can imagine they don't get regular visits from environmental health out there haha!

I thought you were American for some reason lol.
Not working at the minute mate either gave up my job a little while back and just getting myself ready to get back into it, so starting to look myself.
So you coming here will depend on the interview I guess? Or are you here now?
Plenty of brits mate yes, just knowing where to find them, but they even have British sports clubs and British health clubs etc and once you get yourself here you will find bars that all the English go to, I used to go but haven't for ages but the black horse in condesa is one you should remember.
Street food is what it is mate you just need to find one that you like, but trial and error. No doubt you will have a couple of dodgy ones but nothing that will kill you. I will advise best I can.
Don't hesitate to ask anything pal, I was the same as you when I first got here more or less.

Soy de londress :) I am looking into moving over there in January had a job interview yesterday. I'm sure you will find work easily especially if you speak Spanish! I wanna play football over there with the Mexicans best way to learn the language I suppose instead of playing with English and Americans! Yeah I can imagine some of the street is amazing and is super cheap! Found some nice rooms on Air Bnb to rent for my budget and not to far from revorma 20-30mins :) what area do you live in?

London boy eh, well at least you will be used to the traffic haha.
The only thing I would say about the room is just check best you can about the area, just because a place is close to reforma doesn't mean it's a nice area. To be honest I don't think it matters and for me sometimes the poorer areas are better for markets and street food etc but I would still check it out, or when you think you have decided let me know and I will give you some info if I can.
I live in lomas verdes in Naucalpan for me it works, none of this gated community were you have to drive to get anywhere, but safe and close to everything. Gonna be your call mate.
Mexicans generally are interested in the English and you should have no problem finding one's who would wanna talk to you and play footy or whatever and yep you're right you will pick up the language playing footy with them, mainly the slang but that's more fun anyway. They mainly play 7 a side stuff out here mainly because the city doesn't have enough 11 a side pitches, but it's a laugh. Pick your mexican footy team and go to a proper match that's always a laugh tickets are I think Still around a tenner. If you go to bars people will generally talk to you but until you get your feel for it stick to the bars that has foreigners, not mainly to talk to Americans etc but because the mexicans that go to them know there is foreigners there and like them lol ( if you know what I mean)

Sound amazing mate! I think you have helped with deciding to move out there as was a little worried about things! Sounds like you jumped in the deep end ! Do you play footie out there ?

I have looked into a few places mate within my price range and wondering if you could help me with advice on the areas they are in would massively appreciate it :) 1) there is a few I've looked at in Cuidad de Mexico and one in Tlalnepantla what they like buddy? I've heard there about 30mins from Revorma.

And I can imagine them area are better for food but can't imagine them being to safe to live for a gringo 😂But saying that I grow up in Lewisham 😂

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