Considering to move to New Zealand

Our family explored New Zealand recently and found it absolutely beautiful? We are considering it to move to New Zealand. It is a very big step and far from your family and friends. How do Kiwis react towards people from other countries in general?

Originally from the UK i have now left New Zealand permanently and have no wish to ever set foot again there - ALL my worst experiences have been in New Zealand - good luck

Originally from Malaysia...Currently residing in Auckland...Have to admit, NZ has been good to me..have made some life long friends. Housing and food are expensive ( but i am biased, since i come from an asian country.)
I have found KIWIS to be friendly and non judgemental. Of course, there will be the few bad apples, but I have no regrets moving to NZ!!

Thanks for your reply. It is reassuring to hear positive  feedback.

We are moving to Wellington in March. our visit in November was very informative and die Kiwis were great. not over friendly but really helpful with a sense of humour. much  like ours. good luck broek bewe

Good day. Thanks for replying. We had the same experience in November. Maybe we can meet up in NZ oneday and say: ' hallo, daar.' Sterkte!

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