Carte Sejour for a US retiree

I am a single male American expat who has been living outside of the US since 2001 (Most recently, 12 years in Sri Lanka).   I have been planning to move to Tunisia  which from everything I have read online seemed to be possible if not easy.   I just spoke with a low-level official at the Tunisian embassy who told me that I was not eligible for a Carte Sejour as a retiree.    I am not yet ready to accept what he told me at face value.   Can anybody in this forum help me with any information and / or creative solutions?  Thank you so very much for your time and any assistance you can offer!

I am sending you a PM.

My husband and I came six years ago as retiree's and have had no problem getting carte Sejours.As long as you have an income coming in and rent or buy a proper it should be easy

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is there another way for the carte de sejour? i am not old enough for a pention. maybe an initial bank account?
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