Acceptable FBI background checks for residency in Panama?

My report shows three misdemeanors, from years ago, one of which was "Adjudication Withheld"
by the judge.
Has anyone had similar circumstances and what was the outcome.
Before I spend money on an attorney in Panama, I would like to get some feedback to
see if it's even worth applying for.

I know someone who had a DUI in the past and was very worried, but she was successful in getting a friendly nations visa. But, I am in no position to advise you on what is and is not acceptable here, just this one case. Maybe a lawyer would be willing to advise you for a reasonable fee?

Did your friend try  for the Pensionado Visa  first?
If not, why not?

No, she needed to be able to work. (she has a B&B)

Okay. Thanks very much.

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