US Mexico Boarder Crossing by LAND Residente Permanente or Temporal

I crossed the border from Reynosa to Hidalgo-McAllen on Saturday.
I took the usual cab to the area where they inspect motorhomes, cars and travel trailers.
The agent at INM there said I didn't need an FMM anymore.  He just stamped my passport and let me go.

Coming back to Mexico, I just stayed on the bus.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?  Since I can't get a through bus to McAllen, it's kind of a pain to have to go to INM and return to the bus station.

I  have a 6 month temporary visa on my passport.  I cross the border frequently at Tijuana and do not have to (have never had to) stop and show my passport (temporary visa status) on foot, or by car,

The last time I was asked was about 4 years ago.  It was when an immigration official got on the bus and demanded I go through migración.  That was under the law that created Resident Permanente and Temporal.  As far as I know, the law hasn't changed.  Which is why I am asking.  I suspect if your car has a valid sticker on it, no one is going to ask.  They never did years ago when they inspected almost every car.  I haven't crossed by car in many, many years.

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