Clothing business in Romania

Hello everybody,

my name is Adam and i come from Poland. I am searching for information about clothing business' in Romania. I run a clothing business in Poland together with my family. Our firm produce women coats since 1989. We've noticed instantly growing export need of our produtcts to Romania since 2-3 years.

I'm looking for information or clues about wholesale trade market or any market in Romania where clothes are to be sold.

Please write back or e-mail me. We might collaborate in future - maybe ;)
Regards. Adam

Hi Adam,

Please note that is not a commercial platform.

If you are looking for business partners, please feel free to post in the Business partners in Romania section, it might help you.

Wish you the best in your business ,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi , I see you lock for some help in Romania for your business. A I can to help you , for example a I have and me small business to produce stuff like jacket, duve shits T-shirt and more stuff. If you want we can to speck online about Wat you want to do there. Now a El in Ireland for moment and I think to go back to change the small business in one more big . A I wait one answered from you thanks. Iulian

Hi , a I can to help you if you contact me.

You can open an online shop for this. It can work.

I know some companies like who can help with online shop. And it is a good idea that can really work!

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