Cost of living Doha vs Muscat

ould those of you who recently relocated to/ from Muscat comment on the how the cost of living there compares to that of Doha.

I am clear on accommodation costs and the fact that the petrol is more expensive, and schools costs are not relevant to us. I would be interested to hear about the cost of
- groceries
- restaurant meals (mid-range and hotels)
- vet bills
- utilities/ cleaning
- medical/ dental costs
- vehicle cost (to buy)
- beach access (are there non-hotel beaches with umbrellas and beds)
- furniture (no Ikea !!!?? - are there good FB pages, sites for 2nd had stuff?)

Also - where is it possible to find out about the rate of import duty to bring a car and a motorbike to Oman?

Thank you for much for your help, K :-)

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