E cigarretes and Juice


Does anyone know where I can buy E-liquids at a reasonable price in Mauritius?

Hi Amby,
I actually bought an e -cigarette and nicotine liquid yesterday.
I found the shop (which is actually a "kiosk") using directions posted in a similar forum on expat.
Visit the Trianon shopping complex and use the "Irish Entrance".
Pass the MCB and Canal -Sat shops.
Immediately in-front of you is a colourful circular shaped "Kiosk"
The kiosk has two businesses operating.  Go to the business on the right (opposite the coffee shop).
Just ask away.. the Guys running the shop are really helpful,

They stock all the paraphernalia including various strength nicotine's, as well as flavoured liquids.
I paid Rs.250 for the liquid and Rs.1250   for the vapouriser.

Incidentally the adjoining shop is selling shisha equipment and there are several bongs on display in the window  - they did not have any liquid in stock at the time.

Whether you consider the price reasonable, I wouldn't know  - but personally I am trying to give up smoking and its certainly cheaper than the price of nicotine gum and patches, in Mauritius

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