Looking to retire in the sun

I am currently living in NYC and looking for a slower pace and sunshine. I have done some research into viable options, but have concerns about living in the area of North Africa. However, I am seeking information from others how have already made that commitment. I am currently working as a social worker, serving various peoples in their attempts to recover from disasters. I have worked as a community organizer and a restaurant manager in the past. Currently I do not own a home, but I do have resources that could afford me a comfortable life in Tunisia. I hate snow, and cold rain! I speak english, can understand Spanish and know only a few French terms and expressions.

I am a retired social worker from Britain and love it here.The people are really nice to us and cost of living is cheap.I only had a few French sentences but have learnt enough to get by.Most of the tourist places speak English and other places it is kind of a melange of languages.We live on a little island with not much English spoken but get on ok


I am also a social worker, and suffering from burn out lately. Having thoughts of getting out of the US, especially considering the current political turn. What island are you residing on? What is the cost of housing and transportation like? I got a million least! thanx for the reply.

We live in Kerkennah which is only 30x5miles.could get good house for about 90000 dollars or 1bedroom for less.our island is really quiet though.dies in the even in Hammamet and sousse is relatively cheap at moment due to the asshole 3 years ago.That will all change once tourists come back.You could try renting and see what you think? That would leave your options open

Forgot,transport is cheap,taxis really and I mean really cheap.For a reasonable distance about a dollar.we get from one side of island to other for 1 1/2 dollar s

This sounds ideal for a burnt out Social Worker from NYC.... However, I really do not want to be responsible for a house, and I bicycle a lot in the City.

No problem with renting so you should be OK.
Hopefully that helps but things are so cheap to get fixed even if you own a house.We had our whole house painted,3 bed detached with garage and all walls for 600 dollars.walls are 7 ft and surround the whole house.Our rates are about 50 for the year lol

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