In need of a travel buddy or advice

I'm in Oslo for a short time and thought I'd see if anyone was free to show me around or give me any advice of what I should do while I'm here :)

I came 4 years ago.the first is to know what do u like to do.Do u like cities and urban life? . Then , in Oslo visit the Akerhus,Frognerparken, watch some museums of enjoy walking by the town.U only have to visit any web for tourist.I, personaly, liked to wander.Some things have changed:the more colourful parts of the city and rich in diversity have some smell to religious revindications, something new, ...the first mesquite in Norway for example.
I live now in the firts year after getting a job , i passed it in a hytta ( a cabin) in  the forest  in a very cold territory. Now i am more near  the c ivilization ( a thousand people population He, He!) and i am lucky about living in nearby a river. I do not think this is for you: kayakking, fishing and hunting), but tell me what yo want and i will try to help

Thanks for the advice :) I love a bit of everything, I managed to make it to most the galleries/museums today so any recommendations for hikes near Oslo that are doable in a day I'd appreciate it :)

if you want a bit of nature, you can try out on Bygdøy where there are trails. Up near Holmenkollen there are also trails but they might be prepared for skiing now, so you should not walk on them too.

Another easy place for some hiking is Sognsvann. You can take the subway there (it is an end station) and there is an easy to follow walk around the lake there. Don't forget to stop at the kiosk at the end for some cocoa and a waffle!

Bygdøy, yes. Take the buss in central square, watch the viking ship museum, and later the folkemuseum with many kinds of ancient popular buildings and a recreation of an street at the beginning of the past century. If it were not frozen, you could come back to the Akerhus by a short travel by ferry, but the bus will carry you back too

Hello...songsvan and bygdoy is awesome places for hiking...I like hiking too...there's some beautiful places for hiking also half hour way from Oslo..if you want I can join with you...

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