Currently in Norway with fiancee Visa

Hello everyone, I am currently in Norway with fiancee visa and soon 1 month in here. I have lost my papers when i travel together with the cenomar and birth cert so i have to request new one for to get married in here. I am confused because i just see my visa attached that just 30 days duraton of stays,, do i need to travel back home, I will be soon 1 month here and waiting for my papers. Please anyone knows what to do? Thank you.

It means that you have to register to the politi within that time. They advice to do it the first 7 days of your arrival in Norway or if you live in a city like oslo which is busy, the first available date you can get.

I also need to do this when Im back on January but I planned to set an appointment in the application portal while im still here in the Philippines.


Ok  thank you lady_diver for your time to reply me, i  have report at politi 5 days after i come here.

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You'll receive your residence card in post, which will be valid for 6 months. You can travel to your home country and come back on that residence card.

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