Looking a home or living together in Sohar

Hi, I am from India, I am working in Saudi Arabia , I have worked there in share some months , that I check A home or living together in Sohar ,

Hi sumith901,

Could you kindly write slightly clearly please, since your post is jumbled in its messages.

I am assuming that you are looking for accommodation – a flat, or sharing accommodation – if my guess is correct, I would suggest that you post your requirements under the Housing in Sohar topic here

There is a two bedroom apartment available near near college of applied science. The landlord asks for 140 RO per month. If you are interested in renting it, I can introduce you the landlord.


You'll certainly find the link informative

Good luck in your property hunt.

Hi, Thanks to Your Reply, that room is furnished or not, i am looking full furnished villa or flat in sohar.

Thanks brother, but i not found olx also.

Itss furnished or not

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