Protection Visa application refusal

Hi to all Malaysian,

Out of all visa's, I do not know why Malaysians keep applying for the protection visa. The Australian government has a very safe and easy visa for newcomers either for study or temporary stay. Of course not the working visa. It's a bit hard.

AU keep rejecting 50application per day in average, but still, Malaysians keep applying for it. The illegal agents help them to do even without ABN no, applying for poor and innocent people followed by charging them like 600aud to 1000aud. But when you check in AU border web it's just 32aud per application. This is really terrifying others thus spoiling AUS gov name. End-a-up the agents never get back to the applicants that their visa been refused. Applicants overstay.

As Malaysians how do you feel about this cases? what is the best advice you can give these innocent people?

Your answer really helpful for my survey....thanks :)

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