marriage and immigration to DR

Me agan

just wndering when  i come to DR in early summer
If i marry my new lady here in DR

am I permitted to stay in DR and live with her and her son??

what would need to happen


If I were you, I would file for residencia without the marriage. This needs to be done back home, prior to you coming to the DR. Then you can choose where you'd like to live, but it might be best to get your own apartment. Take things slow. What do you have to lose?

And whatever you do.... don't give/send money. I mean - go ahead if you want to. But that's a massive red flag.

In answer to your question, if you marry a Dominican citizen you will qualify for residency under the family reunification category.  However, you will need to apply for residency which requires that you first obtain a visa from the Dominican consulate in your country of origin.  Although a file can be submitted to any consulate while you are in the DR, once the visa is approved you will be required to travel back to your country  in order to have the visa stamped onto your passport by the consulate.  Once the visa is issued you will have sixty days to return to the DR to apply for residency via the Immigration Dept.   Good luck!

I agree start residency way before.

And take it slow as I indicated in your other post.

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