Meeting english speakers of any nationality in Toulouse

My name is Maxim. I'm 28, Im french and am back living in Toulouse after spending 3 years in Paris, one in England and a few months in Vienna. I was an art student in these cities and now I work as a shepherd in the summer.
I miss speaking english and would love to go out and have a drink with english speakers of any nationality. Hit me up if your are interested!

You should check out the English pubs in Toulouse to meet some English speakers! The best are The London Town, The George and Dragon and my favourite The Frog and Rosbif.
There are loads of English speaking people who hang around there and if you get talking to one; I am sure you will find some good friends!
Have fun!

Thanks for the tip!
I live very close to the George & Dragon and I've thought about going there, but did not dare go by myself yet. Will try it someday.

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