Vlog - taking your dog out of Brazil

Hello all,

I saw someone posting a paniced message here about what's needed to take your dog abroad. In our vlog about moving from Brazil to Malta (via the UK and France) we are taking dogs. The episode (2) below is the first about what you need to do to get your canine pal out!

Please sub and like, if you liked the video. Feel free to leave a question or comment there, or here, and I'll try answer as best I can. My dogs are flying out on the 13th.


Hello from Houston Texas. I have wonderful experience with my dog when I used to live in Rio. If I was going on vacation,I just  leave him at the dog hotel.  The treat him pretty well  so I can go and have fun and not worry about it. The sad part is that I have to leave him over there because  all the inconvenience and bureaucracy to do the paperwork to bring him to the United States. I left him with a good family so I was lucky to be able to do that.

Yeah, it's not that bad to take your dog out of Brazil, but it depends on where you are taking them to. Canada is a lot easier than Europe, but I've never done the US before.

Just stuck some Portuguese subtitles on it, if you know any Brazilians that may have these questions also.

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