Hello all,

To keep this short. I was born and raised in Montreal.  I worked for a company that produced forestry fire fighting equipment.  I then moved to the USA and worked as a firefighter to Fire Marshal.  I was recruited and know work for my present employer a Fire engineering consulting firm, that is how I ended up in Muscat. 
I have only been here for 3 weeks and thus far enjoying it. Really enjoying this weather.  Driving here reminds me of driving in Montreal and DC.  The first week really consist of running around to varies places to obtain all the necessary paper work for opening a bank account to obtaining my resident card.  At this moment my company has provided me with a temporary place to stay until I find a permanent place.  I have been looking at the Wave, Bowsher ,Azaiba and Quram hopefully make a decision shortly. 
I have been to the beach and the mountains and visited the sink hole.  Last week was at the American Embassy for Thanksgiving turkey. Some activities I enjoy hockey, ski, bowl, hike, walk, gym, travel etc.
Best to all.

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