All expats are welcome in Lebanon ,

i am a single man , I have BS in mathematics , graduated in 2003
i have also a certificate in Architecture design from M.T.C in 2008 ,
so i took like career both working as a Math teacher for high school classes
and as Architecture designer for real estate investers, then i found
myself suddenly in Real Estate domain due to many connections those
i have   as  result no i work as a math tutor , and as Real Estate consultant ,
i speak Arabic , English , French and a little of spanish and i am trying
my best to knew it very well , cause simply i love it ,
i like to know cultures and meet new people
from other countries , i am good in lisening , and very flexible , so i can
just be comfortable in any community ,
i am here to meet expatriates coming for Lebanon and share moments
with them ,

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