Compound living.

I recently accepted a verbal offer to work in Al Khobar on rotation for 35 days then 35 days home (USA). The Compound I would be staying at is Eurovillage. While formal paperwork is being drafted I am curious about a few things..

Can anyone tell me more about the place as their website is very lacking.

okay, I hope its not one of those "If you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all" type places..

Would I be allowed to bring a guitar and XBOX-360 into the country?
or would I be charged a tariff/tax?

Hey Sean,

I once visited the Euro village compound a few years ago and don't remember much of it, but it is one of the secure/well appointed compounds in the eastern region. Sorry, couldn't be more usefull.

You wouldn't have any problems bringing your x-box & guitar (personnel effects) in to KSA. No tarrifs/taxes.

Do post up on this forum when you land here for any info/assistance.

If you just go throught the forum and all the various posts here, you should be able to find most of the information that you would require.
And if you do have some specific questions, shoot.. there are a lot of people here who are just willing to help!


Moving to Khobar mid Feb 2011. Looking for a 2 BR compound preferably in Khobar. Family (wife + 3 kids) will be joining July 2012 permanently but will be visiting me this July for 2 months.
Any suggested compounds within SR45,000/annum?
Should I explore a furnished apartment until the family joins me permanently after a year and half - would this be a better option?
Appreciate all comments. Thanks.

I am in Al Rushaid and it is very nice. No information on EuroVillage,

Thanks for the comments. How much is a 1, 2 or 3 BR apartment in the Al Rashid compound so that i can get an idea. Do you think I will be able to find something suitable in my SR45,000 range

Twaone !! Tell me more about Al Rushaid !! I am looking for a compound . I did send them an e-mail requesting prices but no-one has got back to me . :(

Please can you let me now what the prices would be for a 2 or 3 bedroom ... Look forward to hearing from you !

Take Care


Alrushaid compound is excellent, I visited it many times.
Here is a sky view of the compound:
I know that a villa there costs from SR120000 to SR130000 annually.
There are villas with double and triple bedrooms.

I have lived there for four years and just moved away from there.  As compounds go its okay, nothing special.  What do you want to know?  There is a restaurant, store, gym, hotel, soccer pitch, bb court, pool.

Immediately across the street is Saudi's version of walmart called Taba Center.

In the compound itself, you have daily maid service except fridays and that includes laundry service. It all depends on what your company pays for.  You are located on a main drag which gets noisy at times and its quite humid in Khobar.  When you land if for some reason no one picks you up, from Dammam airport, do not pay more than 100 SAR and from Bhahrain don't pay more than 300 SAR.

The food in the restaurant is well, lets just say one step above cafeteria but you can order anyting you want.  Again depends on what your company pays for mine paid for food so ate there all the time.  Same stuff everyday. 

If you have any specific questions just post them will check back.

For your flights, try to book Bush to Amsterdam and fly through bhahrain.  **** If you fly into Dammam, they have inspected both hard drives and zip drives and items like that so make sure you delete all questionable material, and dont forget to delete stuff in your archived mail, a guy got fined .

Hope that helps

I come cross the question all the time... What are the compounds available in the Eastern province and what are their services?

Can you guys help listing them and contact info with a website if possible to get the question answered once for all.

I know the list might go on and on.

I think the list should include these info about any compound

#How many units and what type are they ( one/two/three bedrooms)?
#What is the major nationality( Indian, North American, African...)?
#What are the services available (laundry,nearest grocery store,maid)?
#What are the available entertainment units with rating(pool,gym,theater,multi purpose hall....)?
#what is the overall rating of the compound?
#what are the disadvantages of that compound?
#contact information with a website if possible?

im thinking of moving onto eurovillage,, is it anygood?

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please can some tell me how much cost 03BED rool furnished aprtement in Dammam


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