Also Moving to Valencia

Hi everyone,

My family and I want to move to Valencia. Of course we have a long list of questions, but am looking to get any of your feedback on the points listed below.

Is it a child friendly city?
Are their neighbourhoods which we should not consider living in?
Are their any Montessori schools (or similar) in Valencia or surrounding areas?
Are Valencians friendly towards expats who live there?


I've posted an answer to your other posted question about cost of living.

Nice places for children? This web site will give you an overall view: … PEN_SPACES

The whole old river bed is a park and children friendly area, used to be a natural protection in ancient times along with the protective walls and towers (most have disappeared). To avoid floods the river flow was deviated outside the city and turned into a 6 or 7 Km long park with different areas and activities (sports, parks, skating, bike, lake with ducklings next to biopark, etc etc)

Regarding the Montessori, I found out there are a few schools:  (not in the city, in a residential area 15 min from Valencia) … f-valencia (also outside)

A few more in the City: (this is in a cool area of Valencia city...  inside the biopark -zoo-   :top: ) (their web is only in Spanish  :/ )

I googled it: … n+valencia

Are Valencians friendly with foreigners? Yes, we are  :)   we welcome visitors anytime, not only in Fallas time.

I know there is no perfect city... we have also downsides... as all cities... Nothing serious.

hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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