Group Outing / basketball/coffe

Hello All,
hope everyone is doing just fine:)

I would like to suggest if we can arrange or manage a group for outing whatever we agreed on. we can go for coffee and everyone share his experience in Kuwait as we might be helpful for each other too also if some of you would like to play basketball lets do it. im here in Kuwait since 2002 and actually didn't find yet a thing which a group can share. please feel free to reply to this topic and to suggest whatever is good and helpful for us as a group here.

Have a good day.

While this is a great idea which I would love to attend, you can still visit and

Lot of activities being planned there, have a look :)

Thank you for replying and yeah i know about them :)but still would love to gather with you guys here:)

Meetup not that much active in Kuwait . In most groups not much people attend and some times nobody attend  !!!

Yeah i can understand

Count me in as well

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