Good grades produce good employees is a goal of a successful life?

Our new generation living in a highly competitive environment. Grade point average of 95% is a key to get admission in well reputed university. It ends up with working some multi national. Well reputed school then university and finally an employee of multinational corporation is a final result.

Is this a cycle we have been waiting for--- good employees for good companies? No visionaries, leaders, peace makers who make a new history of a peaceful and harmonious world. No moral values and just competent employees to execute orders of an employer whose goal to inflate profit to the fullest.

So, what does any of this have to do with Romania, or expatriation for that matter?  This might be better suited in the Expat Cafe section. 

Romaniac Experts Team

Good education also makes people smart enough to identify the profit- or otherwise-driven rat race they're in and do something about it. Information and intelligence are the biggest dangers to inhumane systems!

we need to neutralize this combination of information and intelligence. Sending a balanced graduate to today's society is a need of an hour. Nurturing a student is a dire need at schools.

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