Electrical engineer offer in Doha, Qatar

I was hoping to get some advise with respect to electrical engineers (5-6 years experience ) pay scale in Qatar. I recently received an offer for 15k/ month (inclusive package) and I'm traveling there this week to commence my probation period, I've never been to Qatar before and trying to understand where my offer stands in comparision to qatars standard pay scale for electrical engineers for one, and what quality life to expect from that.
Now I know many will start crunching numbers and breaking cost down in categories and I've already viewed many such responses, but honestly on paper it will always be different so I'm after overall experience of singles with 15k monthly income and not cost breakdowns. Last time I did a cost breakdown for cost of living in Los Angeles it looked on paper I'll be doing well with 1500USD and once I got there I was spending 2500USD to sustain a decent life (not luxurious), so hopefully this clarifies what am asking. Initially, for the first 6 month probation I won't have a Qatar Iqama so I would appreciate any advise on how this should be factored in, and at the moment I have a KSA Iqama and drivers license.

It all depends on how you want to live your life.

If you want to maintain a "decent" life, expect to pay some 5,000 QAR for a one-bedroom apartment. You can also get "studio-type" in some places such as Al Thumama for 2,500 QAR, or pay 10,000 QAR for an apartment in The Pearl. Your choice.

For transportation, you will need your own car. For new one, a compact sedan such as Toyota Yaris will cost around 800 QAR per month for 4 years (excluding 20% DP). Or get a Nissan Patrol for 3,500 per month. In between, you can settle for an average sedan (i.e. Corolla, Civic etc) for 1,300-1,500 QAR per month. If paying by cash, new sedan will fetch some 50,000-60,000 and SUV starts at 100,000 QAR. Gas prices are catching up with UAE, you can allot 50 QAR per week for your gasoline with typical 4-cylinder vehicle, driving at an average distance per day. You can also get used ones, for 20,000-25,000 QAR you can get some 8-year old sedan. Check

Restaurants are everywhere. Cheap and expensive ones. You can get some snacks for 10 QAR at Turkish take away. Apple Bee's steak at 80-100 QAR. You live in Saudi perhaps this will cost the same.

I say the biggest challenge for people here is finding a place to stay that's within the budget without sacrificing comfort. When I went to Bahrain one weekend, I was surprised that my friend lives in a two bedroom apartment in a price that can't even afford you your own room in Doha.

Thank you for your response, it's highly appreciated. I'm in Qatar now since 2 days ago. I'll be checking out furnished accommodations tomorrow for the duration of my probation period before settling for a long term flat, although the rates are not that much different from the furnished ones it seems. As for transportation I've opted for a long term rental from oasis until my work visa is processed and I can start financing a car. I'm hoping to settle down as soon as I can to focus more on work and find more time to start exploring the city, wish me luck😉.

Good offer at 15k  but confused on its reality.

Reality? I don't quite get what you mean. On a different note however, I was surprised to know many of my colleagues were earning 20% to 30% less and they're fairing well on top of that, I'm doing ok so far considering initial relocation always cost more than ongoing living costs, but I still don't see my savings exceeding 20% of my income. Thus I can only conclude that should my colleagues not be netting a second income from their partners they'd be investing effort for survival. All in all it's too early to decide.

Hi, I am also electrical engineer with 6 years experience moved to Doha last week... I came with family visa and now seeking job in the market..may I ask with field are u working?

My experience is in the field of industrial controls, my new job is in the field of construction tho, and my contract is on project bases but it will be expected to last for a couple of years since the project is a part of lusail infrastructure.

How's Qatar treating you?

Were you able to settle down?

Happy new year folks!

Hey, happy new year, may 2017 be a blessing for everyone, and yeah everything is well in order now, except for the intense flue that hit me 2 days ago, it's never just an allergy I guess lol.

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