Visit visa extension online need insurance renewal?

When we extend parents visit visa through MOI-Absher, Do we need to take care/pay anything for insurance too?
As you are aware that insurance came in to mandatory thing that has to be done along with additional fees of visit visa, but I am unable to understand if we need to renew insurance too when we extend our parents visit visa.

yes, i  am trying to extend the insurance from last two days for extension of my mother visit visa but no company is doing it. In fact no system for it for gov expat employ.
Even head office Rehab cheif officer refused to help.
You have to have insurance by any means for extension of visit visa in the system.

you cannot do online but visit your nearest arabic sheild insurance office they are currently working on visit visa insurance the cost depends on your nationality and age

Thanks dear for updating about Arabian sheild insurance.
I tried to check on map but couldn't find.
Tomorrow is last day for renewal for my mother.
Please if you can give me any idea about it's location.

Dear below is the link of retail outlets for  Arabian Shield

Visit company website for the locations

der3 . com

Assalamu Alaikum

Absheer is accepting Visit Visa extension without medical insurance. Kindly go ahead and extend your mother's visa.

Thanks and Regards,
Niaz A

MOI-Absher is working now to extend visit visa without medical insurance like earlier days.

Good news... Alhamdulillah... After putting so much efforts

Thanks for the info

Can we extend family visit visa online while the sponsor( person who applied visa) is out of the kingdom

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