Moving to Vestfold (Sandefjord)


I just got approved for my family reunification application for spouse. Im going to move to Norway by January. My husband is Norwegian. There are things that i need to do when i get there and while im preparing for that time I want to get as much information as possible to help me settle there.

Register to vestfold police - planning to do this the first week of my arrival

Medical - i read in decision letter that i have to do the tuberculosis. Wondering if there's anything else than that so i can be prepared?

Skattetateen - change name (i use my husband's last name in my passport already) What else?

Choosing a GP- this i wantto get as many idea as possible who have had experience already. Anyone that live in Sandefjord who can suggest a nice, patient and good GP? I think i would prefer female since we are planning to get pregnant.

Opening bank account - my husband has everything with DNB. Is there a downside with this bank and what can you suggest?

Start Free Norwegian Course (600h) - this I dont know where to start and the things i need to know. What are the schools in Sandefjord or nearby that offers free and when the school starts?

Can you help/give me an idea/advice/tips with these things? And maybe there are other things that i missed? Is there anyone here who live in same city? What are your experiences in settling?

Thank you in advance everyone for taking the time. Looking forward to read your responses. 😊

Hi Lady,

I live in Vestvold (Tønsberg). The moment you will arrive here in Norway you will.receive mail and.notifications on what going to hospital for TB test.... and which schools you apply...regarding the bank.... if your husband is using dnb.... then ita better use the same bank...

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