should i stay near airport or go to the city.???? help?

i am flying into nha trang.  i see thier is a beach near airport.  i like to beach run........i look for long flat run on.   
i also like to get massage and need good fruit market, and evening vegetarian restaurant.  need a room for a fair price, and not huge constructions nearby...........quiet.
do u think i will be happier near the airport area. and that beach.  or should i go to city ??????  help?

The airport is at Cam Ranh not in Nha Trang, it's about a 30 minute drive to NT from the airport.

i google mapped the area. near airport. looks like no rooms thier. better i go to city center i guess. although for beach running it looks like the beach near airport is better

Yep, for market, massage, restaurant choice then currently Nha Trang itself would be better.  Also the main beach in Nha Trang is long enough, pretty enough and quiet enough to run on and not the usual gauntlet obstacle course of jet ski touts,  power boat sales and discarded beach rubbish like you get in some other parts of SE Asia..

Ahhh....I say it is quiet but early morning and early evening a large number of residents with families come to the beach for a swim,  its really cool to see and when I am there I also do the same myself!


the airport is at Cam Ranh area. Cam ranh is less developed compare to Nha Trang. If you need a quiet area in Nha Trang, you can stay in the north or far south.
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maybe late for your question, but I think this is the helpful topic for new traveler come to Nha Trang.
The main Airport of Nha Trang is CAMRANH Airport, it's 30 km long between Nha Trang and Camranh.

That 's about the distance, but the main reason is Nha Trang very small city, so every main activities happen all around the center at city - THE SQUARE. All service or real estate take the reference and compare with this place.

So , i think you should take the hotel in city and not far from Square if u wanna discover real life of Nha Trang.

In case u wanna discover the around place which surround Nha Trang and a little bit quiet u can come to Nha Trang and find the local guider to book a tour or arrange the schedule u want

I live in Ho Chi Minh, come to Nha Trang for my new job and have a lot of time available. If u need information, I can help or check for u.

Let's come to Nha Trang and enjoy sunshine with the beach, or make friend with me by number :


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