Marriage to a Thai' woman


I am a British Ex Pat living in Sihanoukville married to a thai' woman. We were married in Thailand.

Is the marriage recognised in Cambodia?

Thank you. Peter

For Cambodian/barang - no. For your case I think - yes.

Thank you, I wonder why you say 'think'. I need to be 100%. I know barangs who marry Cambodian women and that is 100% legal. Thanks again.

To be legally married with Cambodian you have to got all papers from Cambodian aurhorities first. I did it a few Years ago. You are married in Thailand and you are both not Cambodians. So you can translate your sertificate and legalize it in Cambodian embassy in Thailand. I think it should works.

Thank you, however, I don't want my marriage to be legal in Cambodia for business and personal reasons. It is in my interests that Cambodian law does not replicate Thai law in my situation.
Thank you very much for your input.

Thank you for your reply; to put it simply, I don't want my marriage to my Thai wife to be legal in Cambodia. Thai law seems to be different from Cambodian law; if we lived in Thailand, we would be subject to Thai' marriage legalities but we are both Barangs living in Cambodia. I'm told that our marriage isn't recognised here but the Cambodian Embassy doesn't seem to have any information on the matter.

I'll seek more information about it.

Thank you again for your reply.

Speaking as a foreigner who has been married to a Cambodian woman over 15 years in Cambodia my take is this.  If she isn't Cambodian no one will care if you're married or not.

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