North Coast Get Together Sat Dec 10th

To all who have asked to have a get together, it is happening!

Saturday December 10th,  1pm  at  Bailey's in Sosua! 

Please let us know if you are coming!

Me first, I will be there.

Bob and his lovely wife will be there!!!!

Yep count Pat and I in and maybe even the perro Chip

Bob K

Yes, I will be there.

pooh...two weeks before we get there...eventually!

We will do it again!!!

OK folks a change in venue (already talked to Planner) we will meet at the Jolly Rodger (same time) on the main street (Pedro Clisante).

See  you all there

Bob K

Hi every body!! I Will Be there Too with my family!! Thanks for the invitación!!! :top:  ;)  :proud

The Jolly Roger it is!!!

Whoo Hoo we are booked into a room for the weekend of the North Coast get together on the 10th of Dec. and looking so forward to meeting some of the people we have only read about on the blog especially seeing Darlene again and also finally meeting Bob and his wife Pat

Ok we Will

Just talked to Patty (owner of Jolly Rodger) on the way back form the BEACH!!!.  Sat the 10th is also the day of the Christmas street fair along Pedro Clisante (in front of Jolly Rodger and along the street).  25 vendors already have signed up to show their wares and crafts.  Patty will also have her regular menu as well as a BBQ for burgers (very good) and Hot Dogs set up.  She is holding a reservation for our group at 1PM for 14 people or so.

SO it should be a great time to meet and greet!  See all you all then

Bob K

Awesome  Bob, thank you so much!!!!

No problema, I am looking forward to it

Bob K

See all you all tomorrow
Not only is the street fair going on but also the sosua Crafts fair as well.  So it should be a good time.

Bob K

I arrived yesterday and stopped at Jolly Roger for lunch. Looking foreword to meeting you all tomorrow.

Hasta manana

Bob K

Maybe people could post some pictures of the get together?  I hope to make the next one...

See you tomorrow every body!!

See you tomorrow every body!!

Photos will get posted!!!

Hi folks thanks for being at jolly Roger you are a lovley people i Hope to see you again... Thanks for being my New familly!!😘🙆🙌🙌🙌🙏😇

It was great seeing you and everyone else. I am glad we all got to put faces with the posts.  A great time and we will have to do it again.

Bob K

Definitely will be the highlight of my trip. It was a great pleasure to meet you all.

It was  good fun, I enjoyed meeting you all!   And yes we WILL do it again.

Where are the pictures!?  :/

So sorry that I missed it!  Recovering from an accident but hope to catch the next get together!  Looking forward to the pictures.

Sorry you missed it as well.  Hope you are doing ok and nothing serious

Bob K


Hope you are ok honey!!!

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