considering move to Santa Marta

Currently living in Quito. Considering a move to Santa Marta-  I visited there a couple of years ago and liked the city. In looking at , that website lists the cost of a 1br apartment in the city center as, $283 a month. I am assuming this is not the price of a vacation rental found on mercado libre but an apartment where a local might live. Any information about whether this numbeo figure is close or is fantasy world be deeply appreciated.

Fantasy number..pure fantasy...especially during high season. Numbeo is not a credible market data source for real estate. Few online sources are.

I live in san antonio barrio of rionegro so no advice housing prices santa marta but i agree global. These "agencies" for most part are not reputable my opinion anything but separating you from your money.

Suggest you try

Monthly average-highs in Santa Marta, Colombia, are 22-24 Fahrenheit degrees hotter than where you live in Ecuador .. nine months of the year.

In months in which the Santa Marta highs are 90-92 degrees Fahrenheit on average, highs on some days will be between 95 and 100.

Are you sure you want to subject yourself to the extreme heat in Santa Marta?

Temperature data is from

cccmedia from temperate La Zona Cafetera, Colombia

Ccc im from Fla and used to 90 to 100 degree days. But we had AC. ..and used to sweating my butt off jn the heat outside. But here at 7000' in san antonio nobody wastes money on heat/AC. Warm during the day and còol at night all year. But i just took a road trip to santa fe de antiochia which is only about 1000' and hot..way hot.
Do the ocean breezes cool you off at night in santa marta? Or is AC common there? Thanks!!

Low to mid 70’s F. are typical temperatures at night in Santa Marta, Ray.

But given daytime temps, I wouldn’t attempt living there without A/C.

I personally would not even visit such a hot place.

cccmedia in La Zona Cafeteria.

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