Playing tennis near to the ministry of interior

Hello everybody,
Hope you are enjoying your time in ryiadh
I want to meet someone who wants to play tennis in ryiadh to play together
If there is someone interested don't hesitate to contact me.

Hi sir, i am also looking for friends to be to play here in Riyadh. Im just new here and want to play tennis to. Please contact me in my number if you want to. Hope i can play with you. Here is my number by the way, 055 697 3727 and my whatsapp is +639062608700.

I am interested . Plz send me details.

Just send a beep on the numbers iv posted sir so that we can arrange. I still dont know where to play, still looking for tennis partners..

We can play any day at night
I live in the same place where we will play.
I will contact you.

Ok sir, please do contact me. Thank you very much..

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