relocating back to italy

Hello expats,

I am Robertson Philips. I was in Genova within 2012 and 2013 for a certificate course at scoula Edile Genovese, Genova.

After I got through with my studies, I decided to renew my permesso, but I was told at the questura that I must get back to my Country before I will be able to renew my document because I was sent to Italy by the government of the federal republic of Nigeria.

I left Italy January 2013 and since then I've been finding it difficult to renew my document at the Italian high commission here in Nigeria. I was told I will need a work invitation and I tried to contact/ apply to companies in Genova online but to no avail.

Please I need the support of the expat teams to help me get through with this issue. I love italy. I had a great experience within the 1 year I used to study in Genova and I believe I could continue my life and raise up a family there.

Many thanks for any support the expat team could render.

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