New Italian in Oslo

Well its grey,cold,cannot find a job because I have not norwegian even if everyone is speaking english and I am doing a course nobody cares.
I tried to make a band but people here just avoids conflicts,so no answer and just disappear.
I don't see sun since I don't know so long,cannot even shopping because no job,no money.My boyfriend here has good job but always depressed so we don't do anything and he acts like dead inside.
I have just one friend but of course cannot spend all day long with him...and my hair looks as if I fix them in a washing machine everyday because of fucking wetness.
It's great!
I love it!!!!

Ciao comstai dove vivi tu in Oslo?se voi posso aiutare magari trovare lavoro...ciao

@ absar ahmed > Please post in english on this english speaking forum so that everybody can understand. :)



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