living in norway

What are the requirements for an American citizen to live in Norway. Is there an upper age limit? What is the minimum income requirement? Based on the currency conversion, I have 15,000 NOK per month. What kind of life style can I experience with that amount of income? I also intend to live in rural area away from big cities. Would like to live on farm. Any suggestions of where to live away from big cities? Also , as an American, am I allowed to own property like a farm. What are my requirements for health insurance?
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I recommend you start with the immigration portal

unfortunately, there is no retirement visa so I'm not sure your dream will be possible based on the information there.

Do you know what the requirements for "Permanent Residence " is? There is such a class on the link that you sent me. Thanks for the help.

to apply for permanent residence you need to already have been living in the country on another type of visa, usually a work permit or a family reunification visa. If you click on the link for permanent residence, it only offers those two options.

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