Is Pakistani community afraid of strangers?

Meeting new people can be a bit frightening, and it is okay to have a little anxiety when you will be around lots of new people. However, a fear of strangers can interfere with daily life if it is severe. You might avoid going out, become anxious and panicky in public places, and miss out on rewarding experiences due to your fear. If you are tired of fearing strangers, then there are things that you can do to overcome your fear.

Can not understand the above text

"Is Pakistani community afraid of strangers?" this is summery of my topic. do you understand this?

Talking of being afraid, according to a latest survey, major issues for Pakistanis are as following:

Law and Order, Street crimes, snatching, break ins, kidnapping
Lack or absence of basic amenities like gas electricity running water, education health

Being afraid of strangers I am afraid is not an issue. when you have suicide bomb blasts and dead bodies around you our priorities are different. :dumbom:

I do appreciate to point out issues. Being a Pakistani may i have suggestion from your side to fix these issues?

Media always show negative things about Pakistan. terrorist, bomb, suicide attack, crime etc.
Being a Pakistani our responsibilities  is to promote good and positive thing about Pakistan.

I'm not going to deny that terrorism is an issue. I'm not going to deny that sectarian violence, corruption, and illiteracy are issues. But I can promise you these are not things that define us. Lots of Pakistanis will probably complain and whine about everyday events to each other, but that doesn't mean they love their home any less. Every country has its issues and I can promise you that there are so many people trying to do so much good in this country.

I did not born or raised or studied here but I have all types of friends and neighbors (Shias, Ahmadis, Wahabis and Sunnis, Kashmiris, Pathans)Who respect each other and all are patriots and love this country and want this country to be a better place to live. I know there are some misguided religious people but frankly they are very few.

I may be a bit biased here as I live in Islamabad. Unlike Karachi,  we have almost no street gangs, no water crisis and very few law and order issues. The provincial government is much much better than the federal government. Although we have some issues, like extra traffic and pollution but a lot of projects are going on (including transit system) that will help people travel faster. The biggest issue here is power crisis, I have traveled from Kashmir to Karachi in between 2006 to 2015 and I didn't face any issues as far as media portrays. The people in Karachi are as hospitable as of other cities of Pakistan. I have been to Abbottabad for at least two times in last two years and people are as nice.

Any one like to share his/her opinion or thoughts all are welcome here.

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