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Would  like to find out if it's possible for the visa number  to inspire on the system  ( while u haven't issued ur visa?)  I have received an email from my company telling me that the visa number that they gave me is expired as per system  and they have me another one to take it to my agency . What worries me is that i have already applied for the visa and my passport is with the embassy right now and it's obvious that my visa will not be approved and I have to start the process from scretch  ( medical report and blah bhlah )  guys tell me is it going to work if I call  saudi embassy  here in south Africa) and tell them everything then I can email the new visa documents so that I will not start the process from Scretch? . And again what makes a visa number to get expired without anyone using it?

Sounds (extremely) suss to me.   Enquire the Embassy direct.

I had similar hassles with "my company" & " my agency" so I
filled out the forms online, printed & sent all to the Embassy.

A week later I got my passport back with visa, ready to go.

Hope this helps

Yeah(B) it is ; and that is why I am worried. Coz I have never heard of such a thing . How can they send me a visa number and everything. And now I am waiting for my passport to come back from the embassy. .I am receiving an email saying the visa number I got b4 is expired as per system. But how?  And they gave me the new one. Anyway will call the embassy and find out.maybe the company made a mistake. ..and I might be lucky for my visa application to be approved and there will be no need to give then the new visa  Documents

@B   i Will just do as u advised  me .I hope it will work. .I really don't want to start  everything from ABC ..

Agree.  It sounds 'exactly' like the 'extra charges' they tried
to extract from me.   Phone the Embassy to find the truth.

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