How Much Does It Cost To Open Up A Business in Rio?

Hey Everyone,

How Much does it cost to open up a Business in Rio?

Something like  a GYM?

Does anyone have any experience in starting up a business in Brazil?

Any thoughts?


when you say rio, do mean the state of rio or the city


if you start small and build the business up, then the costs are small, its like asking "how long is a pace of string",

The government fees are nominal, and tax is low on small businesses (provided you open the right type) if that's what you mean. Opening  a gym is one of those things that could cost you a million or a hundred thousand, it depends on how much the machines cost.

Labour is pretty cheap in Brazil, for a secretary etc, but you need a qualified instructor, or is it a pjysio?, in your gym by law I that might push up your costs.

I wouldn't open one if I hadn't lived in Brazil for while, and had a good idea of what is necessary for that particular business.

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