Worried 😩

Hi.. I'm aupair here In denmark my bf Norwegian we got married here in Denmark .I went to udi in Norway but They told me I must have a degree in college to start the process,  they told me to apply here in Denmark , Norwegian embassy,  ( I'm scared that they will send me back in the Philippines.) my visa is until december 2018 and my host family know about this no problem they want me to stay here until I receive an approval from Norwegian embassy,                Help guys , I'm scared to call or ask about this ,,  😳 Thanks

A degree in college???  What visa are you applying?  the only visa that I know of that needed a degree is skilled worker visa.

If you are married to a norwegian, you can apply family reunification visa.

Not all spouse is allowed to apply family reunification and stay in Norway while waiting for the result. Marriage doesn't guaranteed to be allowed to stay for good (maybe it was years ago but not currently)

My husband and I called UDI to ask about that possibility, to apply in Norway but i wasnt allowed even I graduated 2 years in College. I came back here in the Philippines on Sept 2016 to apply family reunification and it was good because it was the norwegian embassy here in the Ph that handled my application - they are allowed to process applications here which means faster to get the result than applying in Norway. I got my result in 5 weeks but remember that not all application is the same, its still case to cases so its still possible that your application will be forwarded to udi.

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