Importing a car and a motorbike into Oman

Hello guys,

Where would be the best place to get info on the import duty and process for importing a car and a motorbike into Oman, please?

Many thanks for your help,

K :-)

Hi 2nd_opossum,

Suggest you contact Oman Air's Cargo division ( for some details regarding your query.

Since this is Oman Air's home turf, their prices would be the most competitive compared to others in the cargo transportation business from within the region.

Import from where?

Thank you for your replies.... We will be bringing them from Qatar - the car by road and the bike using a transportation company...

I was only asking about the import duty rate in Oman (government tax), not the transportation costs. It should not really matter from where we are bringing them - or does it?  K :-)

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