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Hello guys,

We are relocating from Qatar to Muscat, and I am currently researching accommodation. From what I gathered so far, our preferred areas would be Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos and Qurm. I think we would prefer an apartment (rather than a house) with a gym and a pool.

As I do not intend to drive in Oman, so we would like to be living within an easy walking distance to a supermarket/ shopping mall (up to 500m) and close to at least one licensed hotel.

Any advice you can give me on the areas and the best way to search - would be greatly appreciated. Are there any websites / agents that have good property listings or is it normally done in Muscat by visiting the properties directly?

Many thanks,

Hi 2nd_opossum,

Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos ('MQ' as it is commonly called) and Al Qurum are popular residential neighbourhoods with  good available accommodation options.

The best option would be to check out the neighbourhood in person, before finalising.

Alternatively, you could look at some of the local real estate websites on which I had written earlier here http://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=589651

You can download phone app called OLX, put your country Oman search

I'm sure u will find many

Thank you for your help, K :-)

A few apartment realtors:
Good hunting.


Tilal Residence (in Muscat Grand Mall) is not within your preferred area.
But it has nice supermarkets, and good eating places ( inside the malls).
They have only 1BR and above.
Alot of the apartments are empty.

For gym/pool, you need to pay.
If you are staying there, a one-year membership will be 250 OMR, gds.

Thank you for the response.  I did look there, nice apartments but decided to look else where because of the extra fee for the gym/pool.

Thanks again.

Hi, I'm still chasing 2 bedrooms fully furnished European style. Have you got preferences ?

Bousher could be an other good option.

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