Moving to Malaysia

Hello people, i hope everyone is doing well, i am new here, full of doubts and very excited to move there.
I will move to Malaysia on December 2016 ,or early January, where? That is where I hope a kind soul will be able to help me to decide.
What I want? The beach and work on what I do, I am a yoga teacher. I am aware that everything might not work on my first try, even if i am very positive, maybe going to one of those beautiful islands with awesome clear water might make things harder if i have to move to another part of Malaysia or even another country.
What I do not want? To live in a busy city where everybody is running like chickens.

Thanks for reading   ;)

Hi! It's amazing to hear your decision on moving to Malaysia. I grew up in Malaysia and has been there for 23 years although I just moved to Germany.

Anyway, for a yoga teacher, Kuala Lumpur would have a good job opportunity. However it is a very busy city with people running like chickens. I'm from Sarawak (east Malaysia) where I also prefer to be near the beaches and a quiet place. Kuching can be one of your options, it's definitely not as busy as Kuala Lumpur. There are other small towns which are also great options to live, but for a yoga teacher job opportunity wise may be a little less.

I hope you'll find the perfect place for you to settle - in terms of job and what you want.

Enjoy the beautiful nature of Malaysia (which I truly miss!). Most of all have fun :)


Thanks for everything Stephanie, I will check Kuching, I hope everything is going well in Germany.

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