Residents permit

Hi I am travelling to Turkey in the Marmaris region (Mugla)  in Jan 2017 and will be on a three month tourist visa. I would like to stay longer and get a residents visa for a year.

I have read the requirements on obtaining a residents visa on the net but does anybody have any other advice ie: should I bring a police clearance from the UK and bank statements. 
I read that I need to prove an income of 1000 usd a month is this correct or will savings and smaller pension suffice? 

I'm sure that the information is available elsewhere on this forum but being a Newbie don't know where to look. 

Thanks in advance


Sorry Guys I have found the information that I needed I should have looked first.

Most of the answers can be easily found by searching with keywords on the forum.

Glad that you found the answers.
Good luck

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