Selling US plated car in Belize?


We are planning our USA/Mexico trip and one of possible options is to buy a car in USA, go south and sell it. As it's impossible to sell a car by foreigner in Mexico we started to think about Belize.

Do you know what is a chance that we will find a buyer for 10-15 years old 4x4 car? In USA we want to spend on it about 4000$.

Do you know about any limits (like less than10 years old in Guatemala) in importing and selling a car? I know about taxes ( but that's something we can't avoid.

Do you know how much time will we need to finish all formalities for selling a car?

Or maybe some of you is a car trader or would like to buy a car in June? :)

Thank you for all help!
Best regards

Check the  Belize customs website about taxes for bringing vehicle.
And also you car might be too old.
I live in Mexico and Nobody would want to purchase your car.
Why would they?  It is cheaper to purchase a second hand Mexican car.
Good luck

It all depends on the price. I don't want to do it for profit so I could offer it cheap.
It's preety strange to say that nobody would want my car if noone knows what car will it be (even I) ;)
As far as I know, people look for used car in good condition there and it's not easy to find one because of import tax which may be about 70% of car's value.
The problem is if foreigner is allowed to sell a car there.

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