Meet new people, language exchange... in Toulouse


My name's Marie, I'm 37 and have been living in Toulouse for 2 years. I work at the University but I have resumed studies in English this year. I would like to meet English native speakers. Why not a language exchange for instance, or anything actually: go for a walk, to an exhibition, have a drink.... Toulouse is a lovely city and there is a lot of things to discover. I have a keen interest in arts in general, I play the lute and sing (ancient music from Middle-Age to Barocco).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi, a more appropriate place to make your offer would be in the CLASSIFIEDS --> Language Exchange section of the site ;)

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi, I am really interested in your profile and mesage. I also would love to practice my english and share common interests. Let's PM

Best, Swati

hey,Marie! nice to meet you! would you like help me for my French?

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