Where and how to book a round of golf in Saigon area

Hi, I am called PG, Norwegian male 52 yo, visiting Vietnam and Saigon for the first time this christmas. I want to play alot of golf and would appreciate some advice on clubs and courses that accept greenfeeguests. Recommendations for good quality courses are welcome as well.

I will be staying in central Saigon, district 1.

Excited about going to Saigon :)

Regards, PG

Take a 45 minute cab ride to Dong Nai golf resort, near Bien Hoa. Cab ride should cost around 400 to 500k. UBER of Grabtaxi should be cheaper.

Thank you Allan, do you know if it is advisable to book long time ahead of playing?

I am not sure but give them a call

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

Not a golfer here, but I googled "golf, ho chi  minh city"

Vietnam Golf and Country Club  looks like a big course

and Golf Paradise in Vung Tau, a nice beach city to visit, 90 minutes by bus, should be a little cooler

There are also a bunch of golf shops around Sky Garden condo complex in Phu My Hung, District 7 because many Koreans play, and a par 3 9 hole nearby.

Thank you Gobot, you should start playing :)

I tried to golf in Hanoi once...They wanted $200 for a round. Not gonna happen :) Where I golfed in the US it was $15.

Zep-- … 1'>[link under review]

And here link google map for you come. From District 1 go to there by Uber (Grap) only 15$ = 300 000 VND … QQ_BIIbjAK

Hope you are have great time with play golf.

Thank you so much.


Thank you Gobot, you should start playing :)

Ha you missed my subtle qualification Pege, "Not a golfer here". But I only played in the states to keep my dad company, at his local nine hole in Northern California that had 50 foot wide fairways which snaked through a redwood forest. Lost so many balls ping ponging in the trees, and found a lot too. Such a frustrating sport and I never even kept score!

Thank you, I will do my best, but golf is usually filled with frustrations and problems with getting the golfball into the hole hehehehe. One can wonder why people keep playing.

I look forward to explore Saigon golf, despite everything.

You can come to District 9

I see you will be stay in central D1 of Saigon, but Furama 5 stars resort Da Nang has golf club also club99. Great place for your vacation in this Xmas, if you want to go for new place besides HCMC^^

Are you foreigner or vietnamese?

There are about 3 or 4 courses in HCMC.

The closest to you would be Tan Son Nhat golf .. yes near the airport. It cost about US$100 per round during the weekdays..
The others are a little further away (up to 1 hr) with taxi fair from 500 to 700 Vn dong namely Vietnam Golf course, Song Be Golf, Long Thanh Golf.

Golf in Vung Tau is even futher away .. not sure you want to bother.

You can book with the club via website or call them (get hotel assistance)

Hope this help.

PS: Google Golf in HCMC and you will see some of them. Just be aware that some of them shown are not actually golf courses but golf agent . .zoom in and see if there is a golf course shown.

Hi Jessile, I am a Norwegian 😉. Do you know where Norway is?

You certainly don't look Vietnamese. Haha

I normally come to Long Thanh and Song Be. For driving range, I come to Him Lam coz it's near my house.

Thank you Charles, it helps :)

I need to practise as well, I will google your "home driving range" to see:)
Do you know if they have golfpro's for instruction at the range?


If you going to google the driving range Ngan is talking about .. it is
Sân tập Golf Him Lam, Ngô Tất Tố, Phường 22, Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Yes there are coaches there .. Vietnamese and Western coaches.

Ball are 100 for 140,000 Vn Dong during peak hours and 150 ball for same amount money.

If you buy the balls you can chip and putt for free.

Have fun !!


I come to VN every year for three months to work in a charity restaurant in Saigon.  The only treat I give myself is a quick 45 minute flight to Da Lat, to play at the Da Lat Palace Golf Course.  The Hotel Du Parc has a package deal, where they pick you up at the airport, and at least one round is included.  The course is great, Pege.  It's a long par 72, with hills, turns, water, the whole works.  I love this course.  The hotel will take you out to the course, and you can rent clubs, shoes, and you'll have a caddie that will find your ball, and do everything to make your round a good one.  They will then pick you up after your round.  If you decide to give it a try, make sure you go during the week, as you'll be able to get out by yourself.  Weekends see a lot of foreign golfers from Korea, Japan, etc.  The only caveat is that the chance of rain in Da Lat is big, although it may be less at this time of year.  If the course is dry, it is the best course I have ever played on, and I've played on a lot.  Best of luck to you.

@jkelly5762 thank you for useful information about Da Lat Palace GC. I am staying only for two weeks, but if I get the opportunity I will certainly try to go to Da Lat. Sounds like a gem:)

The best way is to contact Craig Brogan at Brogolf - craig[at]  He can arrange games, green fees etc.  Great guy and very helpful.

Nice to meet you !, I know your country :) welcome to Vietnam

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