Surviving in Italy for 3 months

I am 39 years old lady from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and I was in Italy for almost 3 months since August 2016, met my boyfriend there and frankly speaking, I really love the experience being there. As now I am back to Kuala Lumpur, here is my story.

I was enrol 12 classes in Italian while i was in Kuala Lumpur, so at least i can communicate, not much, but some basic is there. Not too bad.

One must know how to communicate with the locals as just few percentage can speaks English. But if you are in Rome or Milan, people who speaks English are more.

hi zatika,
i am Bangkok Thailand we are neighbourhood country.
how are you. will you moving to Italy soon?
i am living in Venice.

yes, i will be coming to Modena this coming March, u can contact me through the private message system, and we can keep in touch from there 😆

hai Zatika, are u in milan? I'm here wth my son. Maybe we can meet up.


Hello..I am in Malaysia..sorry i seldom see this message..maybe u can PM me and we can have a chit chat 😊

I am in Malaysia now, yes..please do keep in touch!

morning... me too seldom check it. depends on situation... Boleh je this my phn no ***

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Hi Azra,

My name is Reen i saw that you are in Milan.
Im coming there tomorrow  coz got settle my paper in Embassy.
Any chance to catch up, luv to meet other Malaysian in Italy!

Hi all,

I will be moving to Rome, Italy for my study in December. So I need any advice or suggestion about living in Rome. And I need friends too :)


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